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Stop telemarketers calling you with the following tips

Unsolicited telemarketing calls are a nuisance to many people, and some telemarketers will often keep persisting even if you say that you’re not interested, fortunately there are ways to combat these types of unwanted calls and we’ll go over some of the ways you can stop telemarketers from calling you.

Do Not Call Register

Many governments around the world operate a “Do not call register”, this is a database of phone numbers that businesses can check their call lists against to ensure they don’t call people who don’t want to be called and ensure they comply with consumer law.

It’s free to register your phone number in a do not call register and only takes a few quick steps to complete by filling in a simple online form.

It should be noted that this will not guarantee that telemarketing calls will stop, but it will potentially reduce the number of calls you receive, it doesn’t cost anything to submit your phone number to these registers and you can submit fixed line(landline) numbers, mobile numbers, and fax numbers.

The following is a list of some of the Do not call registers for Australia, New Zealand, and some other countries around the world. If your country isn’t listed a quick google search will reveal whether your country operates a do not call register.

Note: Submitting your number to a do not call register won’t take effect immediately, refer to your countries respective Do Not Call website to find out more.

Call blocking Mobile Apps

If you own an Android or iOS smartphone you can take things even further by making use of call blocking apps. There are a number of different applications available that enable you to block telemarketing and scam calls, and tell you who is calling before you answer the phone.

Should I Answer?

If you’re all about customization options Should I answer? is the app for you, it runs off a crowdsourced database that allows anyone to submit a review of a phone number.

As soon as someone calls you the app looks up whether the number is rated positive or negative and allows you to read other people’s reviews of the number. This app is only available on Android at the time of writing.
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Truecaller is another app that can be used to check whether or not a call is from a telemarketer. As with the previous app Truecaller is also crowdsourced and gets its reviews from its users, you can rate whether a call was positive or negative. Truecaller is available on both iOS and Android.
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Report telemarketers

If you are constantly receiving telemarketing calls even after attempting some of these methods then the next option would be to make a formal written complaint to the communications and media authority in your country.

In Australia complaints can be made the the acma (Australian Communications and Media Authority) be sure to record as much detail as possible about the telemarketer including the number they are calling from, and the business they represent.

Visit the acma

Additional options for stopping telemarketing calls

Check with your service provider if there are any additional services they can provide to assist with stopping telemarketing calls, some telecommunications companies such as Telstra offer a home phone that includes built-in features to help stop telemarketing callers.


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