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Creating a Facebook account is simple and easy, and will give you the power to connect with friends and family from anywhere in the world, this learning guide will show you how to create an account and how to log in to Facebook.

Once you’re finished with this lesson, see the next lesson to learn how to fill out your profile page, upload a photo, and more.

Creating a Facebook Account

  1. In your web browser type the following into the address bar
  2. The Facebook Login/signup page will be displayed. To create an account you will need to enter your details into the text fields for name, email, password, birthday, and gender. Take note of your email address and password as you will need these details to login to Facebook in future.
  3. Once you’ve filled out the fields click “Create an account”
  4. Depending on your browser it may ask you if you want to save your password for Facebook, doing this will make logging into the site easier. The browser may also ask if you’d like to receive notifications, if you’re not sure just click Block.
  5. When you sign up for a new account you will need to verify your email address, doing this will remove the bright blue bar from the top of the website. You should receive an email from Facebook, inside the email click “Confirm your Account”

  6. Now you’re ready to start using Facebook!

Logging into Facebook

If you log out of Facebook or you want to Log in on a different computer, Since you have already got a Facebook account the process of logging in is a little bit different.

  1. To log in, open in your web browser.
  2. In the top right of the screen you’ll see two text boxes, one for your email address, and one for your password, you’ll need to enter the email address and password you set when you created the account. Once that’s entered click “Log In”


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