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What is the Omnibox?

Omnibox is a unique feature in Google Chrome which many other Internet browsers have adopted. The Omnibox in Google Chrome not only lets you type in a web address, but also lets you type in search terms allowing you to easily search the web using your default search engine.  The word Omni means “all”, and you can see how that’s relevant as you can do everything from the Omnibox which is different from older browsers where you had to type in the URL of a search engine before you could search for something online.

  1. In Google Chrome the Omnibox can be identified by the big long bar at the top of the screen as displayed in the following screenshot.
  2. The Omnibox in Google Chrome comes with search suggestions built in. When you start typing to search for something, previous suggestions will be displayed saving you from typing the entire search phrase, and getting to the page you want faster.
  3. The Omnibox in Chrome also comes with some extra features such as mathematics, if you quickly need something calculated you can type it straight into the Omnibox and Google will detect that it is an equation and will solve it and provide the answer for you automatically.
  4. The Omnibox can also be used to quickly convert from one unit to another, for example centimetres to meters.
  5. Another cool feature of the Omnibox is that it allows you to quickly glance at what the weather is as well.
You can also expand the functionality of the Omnibox further by installing third party extensions in google chrome, some of the functionality you can add includes tweeting, emailing, and setting timers, all from the Omnibox.

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