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Burning an ISO file to disc is easy with Microsoft’s simple tool

In this guide, we will cover step by step how to burn an ISO disc image using Windows 10, Windows 7, and anything earlier than Windows Vista.

If you’re not familiar, an ISO file identified by the .iso file extension (Example: Windows7.iso) is a disc image file, it’s basically a copy of every file that would’ve been on an actual physical disc such as a DVD.

ISO files can be quite handy to have and can be used without having to burn a physical disc which is extremely useful for devices that don’t have an optical disc drive, one such example is an Ultrabook.

Burning an ISO to disc in Windows 10

  1. Windows 10 uses the same simple method to burn an image as Windows 7, Simply right click on the iso file you would like to burn and click “Burn disc image”
  2. The Windows Disc Image Burner window will then appear, select the drive you would like to burn the iso image to and then click burn.
  3. Another way you can access the Windows Disc Image Burner is through the File Explorer, first select an iso file, then you’ll see the Manage tab appear at the top of the window. Open the manage tab and click the burn button to open the Windows Disc Image Burner.

Alternative methods

Windows 7

How to burn an ISO to DVD in Windows 7

Burning an ISO to a disc is easy and is a feature that is built into Windows 7 and later versions of Windows, In this article I will show you how to burn an ISO to a Disc using the built-in Windows Disc Image Burner.

  1. Using Windows Disc Image Burner is simple, all you have to do is right click on the .iso file you want to burn and click “Burn Disc Image”
  2. The Windows Disc Image Burner will then pop up, select which drive you would like to burn the iso file to, and then click burn.

Windows Vista and earlier

How to burn an ISO file on Windows Vista and earlier

  1. If you are on an older version of windows that does not have Windows Disc Image Burner then you can install some third party software to allow you to do this, there are many options to choose from but the one I will use for this guide is ImgBurn.
  2. Download and install the ImgBurn software from the ImgBurn Website at and make sure when you install it to uncheck the ask toolbar option, this is an extra accessory that you do not want nor need.
  3. Once the software is installed and ready to use burning an iso uses a similar process to the Windows Disc Image Burner, just right click on the ISO file and click Burn using ImgBurn.
  4. A screen will then be displayed allowing you to choose which drive to burn your image to and then burn the image to disc.


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